who won the boxing match fury vs wilder

who won the boxing match fury vs wilder

The boxing match between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder was highly anticipated by fans around the world. Both fighters are renowned for their skills and achievements in the sport, and the match promised to be an intense battle. In this article, we will delve into various aspects of the fight and analyze who emerged as the winner.

Fight Preparation

Before the match, both Fury and Wilder underwent rigorous training camps to prepare themselves physically and mentally. They worked with their trainers and coaches to develop strategies and improve their boxing techniques. Fury focused on his agility and defensive skills, while Wilder aimed to enhance his powerful punches and knockout ability.

Fury’s Performance

Fury entered the ring with a clear game plan. He utilized his superior footwork and movement to evade Wilder’s punches and counter with precision. Fury displayed excellent defensive skills, slipping and dodging Wilder’s powerful blows. Additionally, he showcased his exceptional boxing IQ by strategically outmaneuvering Wilder throughout the fight.

Fury’s offensive prowess was also evident in his accurate jabs and combination punches. He effectively targeted Wilder’s body, weakening him as the rounds progressed. Fury’s ability to maintain a consistent pace and control the fight played a crucial role in his performance.

Wilder’s Performance

Wilder, known for his devastating knockout power, aimed to utilize his right hand to end the fight early. He displayed his trademark punching speed and power, landing some significant blows on Fury. Despite facing a skilled defensive opponent, Wilder managed to connect with a few powerful punches that momentarily stunned Fury.

However, Wilder struggled to adapt to Fury’s movement and defensive tactics. He appeared frustrated at times, leading to some uncharacteristic mistakes. Wilder’s inability to effectively cut off the ring and corner Fury limited his opportunities to land his trademark knockout punch.

The Fight’s Progression

The match between Fury and Wilder was a closely contested battle. Both fighters had their moments of dominance throughout the fight. Fury showcased his technical skills and ring generalship, while Wilder displayed his explosive power.

The fight went the distance, lasting all twelve rounds. The judges’ scorecards were closely contested, reflecting the competitive nature of the match. Each round saw intense exchanges and tactical maneuvers from both fighters.

Judges’ Decision

After the final bell, the judges deliberated and rendered their decision. The judges’ scorecards were announced, and Tyson Fury emerged as the winner of the match. His superior boxing skills, defensive prowess, and effective strategy had earned him the victory.

Post-Fight Reactions

who won the boxing match fury vs wilder

The outcome of the fight sparked various reactions from fans, experts, and the boxing community. Many praised Fury’s performance, highlighting his technical abilities and resilience. Others commended Wilder for his power and determination, despite the loss.

Fury’s win opened up discussions about potential future matchups, including a potential rematch between Fury and Wilder or a bout against other top-ranked heavyweights.


In the highly anticipated boxing match between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, Fury emerged as the winner. His superior boxing skills, defensive prowess, and effective strategy allowed him to outmaneuver and outpoint Wilder throughout the fight. However, both fighters displayed exceptional talent and determination, making it a memorable and closely contested battle.

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