how to open tesla glove box model y

how to open tesla glove box model y

The Tesla Model Y is an innovative electric vehicle that offers a range of advanced features. One of these features is the glove box, which provides convenient storage space for drivers and passengers. In this article, we will explore how to open the Tesla Model Y glove box and discuss its various functions and uses.

Step-by-Step Guide to Opening the Glove Box

Opening the glove box in the Tesla Model Y is a simple process. Follow these steps:

1. Locate the glove box button: The glove box button is located on the touchscreen display in the center console of the Model Y.

2. Touch the glove box button: Tap the glove box icon on the touchscreen display to open the glove box.

3. Wait for the glove box to open: After tapping the glove box button, the glove box will automatically open, providing access to the storage compartment.

Functions and Uses of the Glove Box

The glove box in the Tesla Model Y serves several functions and can be used in various ways:

1. Storage space: The primary function of the glove box is to provide storage space for small items such as sunglasses, documents, and other personal belongings.

2. Organizational tool: The glove box can help keep the interior of the Model Y tidy and organized by providing a designated space for items that might otherwise clutter the cabin.

3. Accessory storage: The glove box can also be used to store accessories such as charging cables, adapters, and cleaning supplies for the vehicle.

4. Security: The glove box can be locked to secure valuable items or sensitive documents, providing an additional layer of security for the vehicle’s occupants.

5. Convenience: The glove box is conveniently located within easy reach of the driver and passenger seats, allowing for quick and easy access to stored items.

6. Hidden storage: Some Tesla Model Y models may have additional hidden storage compartments within the glove box, providing even more storage options.

how to open tesla glove box model y

Tips and Considerations

Here are some additional tips and considerations regarding the Tesla Model Y glove box:

1. User preferences: The glove box can be customized to open automatically upon approach or remain closed until manually opened through the touchscreen display.

2. Maintenance: Regularly clean the glove box to keep it free from dirt and debris. Use a soft cloth and mild cleaning solution to wipe down the interior surfaces.

3. Avoid overloading: While the glove box provides ample storage space, avoid overloading it with heavy items that could potentially damage the hinges or strain the latch.

4. Seek professional assistance: If you encounter any issues with the glove box, such as difficulty opening or closing, it is recommended to contact Tesla service for assistance.

5. Follow local regulations: Be mindful of local laws and regulations regarding the storage of certain items in the glove box, such as firearms or hazardous materials.


The glove box in the Tesla Model Y is a versatile and convenient storage compartment that offers various functions and uses. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you can easily open the glove box and take advantage of its storage capabilities. Remember to keep it organized and clean for optimal use and enjoyment of your Tesla Model Y.

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