why is naruto’s hand wrapped up in boruto

why is naruto’s hand wrapped up in boruto

Why is Naruto’s hand wrapped up in Boruto?

Ever since the release of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, fans have been wondering why Naruto’s hand is wrapped up. This mysterious bandage has sparked numerous theories and speculations among the Naruto community. In this article, we will delve into the possible reasons behind Naruto’s wrapped hand from various perspectives.

The aftermath of the Fourth Great Ninja War

One plausible explanation for Naruto’s wrapped hand is the aftermath of the Fourth Great Ninja War. As the war’s protagonist, Naruto endured intense battles, including his climactic showdown with Sasuke. It is possible that his hand suffered severe injuries during these fights, leading to the need for constant bandaging to aid in the healing process.

Another possibility is that Naruto’s hand was damaged during his final battle with Kaguya, the main antagonist of the war. Kaguya possessed immense power and could easily cause significant harm to Naruto. Wrapping his hand could be a way to manage the pain and protect the injured area.

Sealing the remnants of the Nine-Tails

Naruto is the host of the Nine-Tails, a powerful tailed beast. Throughout the series, Naruto has learned to control and harness the Nine-Tails’ chakra. However, it is possible that remnants of the Nine-Tails’ power still reside within Naruto’s hand, causing it to require constant wrapping.

By wrapping his hand, Naruto may be preventing any accidental release of the Nine-Tails’ chakra. This precaution could be crucial to maintaining peace and stability in the Hidden Leaf Village.

Symbolic representation of Naruto’s burden

Naruto has always carried the weight of responsibility on his shoulders. As the Seventh Hokage, he is tasked with protecting the village and maintaining peace. The bandage on his hand could serve as a symbolic representation of the burden he bears.

By wrapping his hand, Naruto may be reminding himself of the sacrifices he has made and the challenges he continues to face. It serves as a constant reminder of his duty and the need to stay vigilant in protecting his loved ones.

Physical training and injury prevention

Naruto has always been dedicated to his physical training, constantly pushing himself to become stronger. The bandage on his hand could be a result of his rigorous training regimen.

Wrapping his hand may provide additional support and stability during intense training sessions. It could also help prevent injuries and protect his hand from further damage. Naruto’s commitment to self-improvement and his desire to be prepared for any situation may be the driving force behind this practice.

Psychological comfort and familiarity

After years of wearing a bandage on his hand, it is possible that Naruto finds comfort and familiarity in its presence. It has become a part of his identity and a symbol of his resilience.

Wrapping his hand may provide psychological comfort and a sense of security. It serves as a reminder of his journey and the obstacles he has overcome. Naruto’s hand wrapping could be a way for him to stay connected to his past and maintain a sense of stability in his ever-changing world.

Medical reasons

why is naruto's hand wrapped up in boruto

Lastly, the bandage on Naruto’s hand could simply be due to medical reasons. Naruto has endured numerous battles and injuries throughout his life as a ninja. Wrapping his hand may be a part of his ongoing treatment and rehabilitation process.

It is possible that Naruto’s hand suffered permanent damage, and the bandage helps manage pain and provide support. This explanation may be less dramatic than the others, but it is a practical possibility given Naruto’s history of injuries.

In conclusion, the reasons behind Naruto’s wrapped hand in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations can be interpreted from various angles. Whether it is due to the aftermath of the Fourth Great Ninja War, remnants of the Nine-Tails’ power, symbolic representation, physical training, psychological comfort, or medical reasons, the bandage adds an intriguing element to Naruto’s character and leaves fans eagerly speculating.

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