why did fox in 2019 take mma off television

why did fox in 2019 take mma off television

why did fox in 2019 take mma off television

In 2019, Fox made the surprising decision to take MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) off television. This move left many fans and industry insiders questioning the reasoning behind such a decision. In this article, we will explore various aspects that may have contributed to Fox’s decision to remove MMA from their programming.

Declining Viewership

One possible reason for Fox’s decision could be the declining viewership of MMA. Over the years, the sport’s popularity has fluctuated, and perhaps Fox saw a significant drop in viewership during 2019. This decline in audience interest may have influenced their choice to remove MMA from television.

Another factor that could have contributed to the declining viewership is the saturation of MMA content. With numerous promotions and events available, fans may have become overwhelmed with the sheer number of fights to watch, leading to a decrease in overall interest.

Costs and Licensing

MMA events can be costly to produce and broadcast. The licensing fees for broadcasting rights, production expenses, and talent contracts can add up to significant amounts. Fox may have decided that the return on investment for airing MMA events was not substantial enough to justify the expenses involved.

Furthermore, Fox may have faced competition from other networks or streaming platforms that were willing to pay higher licensing fees for MMA content. In such a competitive market, Fox might have chosen to allocate their resources to other programming that offered better financial prospects.

Shift in Network Strategy

Networks often reevaluate their programming strategies to align with their target audience. Fox might have decided that MMA no longer fit their desired demographic or brand image. They may have chosen to focus on other sports or entertainment genres that better resonated with their target viewers.

Additionally, Fox may have been exploring new opportunities and partnerships that required them to make room in their programming schedule. This could have resulted in the removal of MMA to accommodate these new ventures.

Controversies and Legal Issues

MMA has had its fair share of controversies and legal issues over the years. Fox, as a responsible broadcaster, may have decided to distance themselves from any potential negative publicity associated with the sport. This could include concerns over fighter safety, performance-enhancing drugs, or legal disputes involving promotions or fighters.

By removing MMA from their programming, Fox could have aimed to protect their reputation and avoid any legal entanglements or negative public perception.

Changing Audience Preferences

Audience preferences and trends can evolve over time. Fox may have recognized a shift in viewer interests and decided to reallocate their resources accordingly. If other sports or entertainment genres were gaining more popularity, Fox might have chosen to focus on those areas to attract a larger audience.

Moreover, the rise of streaming platforms and on-demand content has changed the way people consume television. Fox may have determined that MMA was not as suitable for their traditional television model and decided to explore digital platforms or alternative programming options.


While the exact reasons behind Fox’s decision to remove MMA from television in 2019 may never be fully known, several factors could have influenced this choice. Declining viewership, costs and licensing, network strategy, controversies, legal issues, and changing audience preferences are just a few aspects that may have played a role. Ultimately, Fox’s decision was likely a result of a combination of these factors and their desire to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of television programming.

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