why was baekhyun about to cry at mma 2016 speech

why was baekhyun about to cry at mma 2016 speech

Baekhyun, a member of the popular South Korean boy band EXO, delivered an emotional speech at the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA). His speech touched the hearts of fans and left many wondering why he was on the verge of tears. In this article, we will explore various factors that could have contributed to Baekhyun’s emotional state during his speech.

1. Recognition and Achievement

One possible reason for Baekhyun’s tears could be the overwhelming sense of recognition and achievement. MAMA is a prestigious event in the Korean music industry, and being given the opportunity to speak on such a platform can be a significant milestone for an artist. The realization of how far he had come in his career and the support he received from fans may have moved Baekhyun to tears.

2. Gratitude towards Fans

Baekhyun is known for his deep appreciation and love for his fans. During his speech, he might have been overwhelmed by the immense support and dedication shown by his fans. The realization that he had such a strong and loyal fan base could have brought tears to his eyes as a way of expressing his gratitude.

3. Personal Struggles

Behind the glitz and glamour of being a K-pop idol, there are often personal struggles that artists face. Baekhyun might have been going through a difficult time in his personal life, and the opportunity to speak at MAMA could have provided him with a platform to open up and share his emotions, leading to tears.

4. Emotional Connection to the Song/Performance

Baekhyun is known for his powerful and emotive performances. It is possible that the song he performed or the lyrics he sang held a deep emotional connection for him. The intensity of the performance and the emotions associated with the song could have overwhelmed him, resulting in tears.

5. Reflecting on the Journey

Artists often reflect on their journey and the challenges they faced to reach where they are. Baekhyun might have taken a moment during his speech to reflect on his own journey, the hardships he overcame, and the sacrifices he made. This reflection could have stirred up strong emotions, causing him to become teary-eyed.

6. Support from Fellow Artists

The K-pop industry is known for its tight-knit community and camaraderie among artists. Baekhyun might have felt overwhelmed by the support and encouragement he received from his fellow artists at MAMA. The genuine camaraderie and acknowledgment from his peers could have brought tears to his eyes.

7. Pressure and Expectations

Being a member of a successful boy band like EXO comes with its own set of pressures and expectations. Baekhyun might have felt the weight of these expectations during his speech, leading to a moment of vulnerability and tears as he reflected on the responsibility he carries as an idol.

8. Emotional Impact of the Event

MAMA is known for its grandeur and emotional performances. The atmosphere at the event, the energy from the crowd, and the overall emotional impact of the ceremony could have overwhelmed Baekhyun, causing him to become emotional during his speech.


Baekhyun’s tears during his speech at the 2016 MAMA could have been influenced by a combination of factors, including recognition, gratitude, personal struggles, emotional connection to the performance, reflection on his journey, support from fellow artists, pressure, and the emotional impact of the event. Whatever the reason, it was a genuine and heartfelt moment that showcased Baekhyun’s authenticity and passion for his craft.

why was baekhyun about to cry at mma 2016 speech

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