Boxing Results: Abass Baraou Beats McGowan In Bolton Barn-Burner

Boxing Results: Abass Baraou Beats McGowan In Bolton Barn-Burner

Abass Baraou, the EBU European Super-Welterweight Champion, put on a thrilling performance against Macaulay McGowan in a packed Victoria Warehouse in Bolton on Friday the 14th. Both fighters showed relentless determination, with Baraou ultimately securing a unanimous decision victory.

Despite the efforts of his trainer Joe Gallagher, McGowan struggled to match Baraou’s physicality and was left bloodied by the end of the bout. Baraou’s superior movement and output showcased his skill and potential in the super welterweight division, solidifying his position as a rising star in German boxing.

The undercard saw Steed Woodall stun Lerrone Richards with a career-best performance, leading to a sixth-round stoppage and an unexpected victory. Elsewhere, Ryan Kelly and Gerome Warburton fought to a draw in a closely contested match, leaving spectators eager for a potential rematch.

The fights on display highlighted Wasserman’s commitment to showcasing talented boxers on free-to-air television, with Baraou leading the charge towards the top of the division.

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