David Benavidez Blasts Canelo Alvarez for PPV Pricing and Fight Selection

David Benavidez Blasts Canelo Alvarez for PPV Pricing and Fight Selection

In recent events, undercard fighter David Benavidez took the chance to criticize boxing superstar Canelo Alvarez for what he perceives as exploitation of fans through high pay-per-view prices. Benavidez boldly states that Canelo is disrespecting fans by charging excessive amounts for his fights while avoiding matchups with top fighters like himself and David Morrell.

However, Benavidez’s accusations of hypocrisy fall flat when we consider that his last two fights were also pay-per-view events against Caleb Plant and Demetrius Andrade, with Canelo knocking out Plant in a notable match in 2021. These fights were not significant pay-per-view draws, with the Andrade matchup only seeing 60,000 buys. This lack of drawing power has resulted in Benavidez appearing on the undercard of the Gervonta Davis vs. Frank Martin event this weekend.

Benavidez goes on to criticize Canelo for not giving fans the best fights, highlighting his desire to face the Mexican star himself. However, Benavidez fails to acknowledge that his own lack of star power and reluctance to face formidable opponents like Morrell have hindered his chances of becoming a pay-per-view attraction.

In questioning Canelo’s championship status, Benavidez fails to realize that he himself has shied away from challenging top contenders and has instead chosen less risky opponents. His rhetoric against Canelo’s matchmaking choices rings hollow when faced with his own questionable decisions in pursuing challenging fights.

In conclusion, Benavidez’s criticisms of Canelo come across as hypocritical, as he himself has not taken the necessary steps to establish himself as a legitimate contender in the sport. His reluctance to face tough opponents and his failure to deliver blockbuster pay-per-view events diminish the impact of his criticism towards Canelo.

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