Lampley: Benavidez Underdog Against Bivol After Gvozdyk Fight

Lampley: Benavidez Underdog Against Bivol After Gvozdyk Fight

According to Jim Lampley, the former HBO commentator, David Benavidez’s lackluster performance against Oleksandr Gvozdyk now puts him in the underdog position against WBA light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol in their upcoming fight. Lampley believes that Benavidez’s power was not as effective at 175 pounds as it was at 168, and he struggled in the second half of the bout. Despite winning by unanimous decision, the judges’ scores did not reflect Benavidez’s performance, leading many to doubt his ability to defeat Bivol or IBF/WBC/WBO champion Artur Beterbiev.

Lampley expressed doubts about Benavidez’s chances against Bivol and Beterbiev, particularly after his lackluster display against Gvozdyk. He hinted that it would be challenging for Benavidez to overcome either opponent, with Beterbiev being a particularly formidable challenge.

Regarding a potential fight with Canelo Alvarez, Lampley suggested that Benavidez’s options might be limited unless Alvarez decides to face him. However, given Benavidez’s recent performance, Lampley believes that Alvarez may not consider the fight worth the risk, especially after witnessing Benavidez’s struggles against Gvozdyk.

Lampley acknowledged that Benavidez’s style as a volume puncher was not effective against Gvozdyk’s technical skills and power. Benavidez appeared to tire as the fight progressed, raising questions about his ability to compete at the light heavyweight level. Despite his victory, Benavidez’s performance raised concerns about his chances against elite opponents like Bivol and Beterbiev.

In conclusion, Lampley’s analysis of Benavidez’s performance against Gvozdyk suggests that the former champion may face an uphill battle against top light heavyweight contenders. His struggles in the ring have cast doubt on his ability to compete at the highest level, leaving his future in the division uncertain.

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