Marshall wins MMA debut by TKO, calls out Shields

Marshall wins MMA debut by TKO, calls out Shields

In her MMA debut, former undisputed super middleweight champion Savannah Marshall claimed victory over Mirela Vargas in a less-than-picture-perfect bout. Marshall’s aggressive striking overwhelmed Vargas, who struggled to defend against leg kicks and takedowns. Despite the somewhat messy nature of the fight, Marshall’s relentless assault ultimately forced Vargas to retreat against the fence, prompting the referee to intervene.

While Marshall’s performance may not bode well against more skilled opponents in grappling or kicking, all eyes are on her potential rematch with Claressa Shields. The two even had a friendly exchange in the cage post-fight, with Marshall proposing an MMA rematch and Shields accepting, pending her upcoming boxing match with Vanessa Lepage-Joanisse.

The prospect of a rematch between Marshall and Shields in the MMA arena is a tantalizing one, and fans are eager to see it come to fruition.

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