Resurfaced Sparring Video: A Glimpse into Tank vs. Haney’s Past

Resurfaced Sparring Video: A Glimpse into Tank vs. Haney’s Past

Today, the vintage sparring video featuring Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis and Devin Haney was unveiled, showcasing their epic battle at the Mayweather Boxing Gym.

At first, it appeared that Tank Davis was just toying around until he suddenly unleashed a furious onslaught on Haney, who seemed to be overwhelmed. Tank was like a man fighting two opponents in the ring, struggling against both Haney and Floyd Mayweather Jr., making it an uneven contest.

Although the final rounds of the sparring session had previously been shown, the earlier exchanges where Haney outperformed Tank were now revealed. While Haney looked impressive initially, Tank seemed passive, biding his time.

Tank remained composed in the early stages of the sparring match, but then something clicked inside him, prompting a vicious attack on Haney in the closing rounds.

The intriguing part was Mayweather assuming the roles of coach and cheerleader for Haney, providing guidance and support. As Tank ramped up his intensity, Haney was left scrambling, clearly outmatched. If it were an actual fight, it would have ended swiftly, much like Gervonta’s recent bout against Frank Martin.

The sparring footage, due to its age and the use of headgear by both fighters, doesn’t offer conclusive evidence. Haney appeared sharp early on while Tank was defensive, but when he switched gears, it was a one-sided affair.

Judging from the power of Tank’s punches, it was evident that Haney would have been knocked out in a real contest.

With Haney’s career on a downward spiral following his recent defeat, the sparring video with Tank Davis holds little significance. It’s unlikely to generate excitement among fans for a potential matchup between them, given Haney’s diminishing popularity post his loss to Ryan Garcia. The defeat tarnished Haney’s reputation, and he is now perceived by many as the weakest link among the champions at 140 pounds.

To salvage his standing, Haney (31-1, 15 KOs) must consider defending his WBA light welterweight title against Sandor Martin, his mandatory challenger, unless he opts to vacate the belt. If making weight remains a challenge, vacating the title may be a wise decision for Haney.

In conclusion, the sparring video serves as a reminder of a past rivalry, but it does little to alter the current circumstances of these two fighters.

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